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Ben Nighthorse Campbell

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40th Anniversary of the U.S. Helsinki Commission

May 26, 2016

Mr. CARDIN. Mr. President, on June 3, 1976, U.S. President Gerald Ford signed into law a bill establishing the Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, more commonly known as the U.S. Helsinki Commission. I bring this 40th anniversary next week to my colleagues’ attention today because the commission has played a particularly significant role […]

Annual Reports

Helsinki Commission Annual Report – 2004

Dec 31, 2004

The annual report of the activities of the U.S. Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, also known as the Helsinki Commission, from January 1 to December 31, 2004.

Press Releases

U.S. Helsinki Commission Leaders Decry Widespread Fr...

Nov 24, 2004

Washington – United States Helsinki Commission leaders today issued statements in support of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian citizens of all ages amassing in a nationwide protest in the face of outright fraud and falsification in Ukraine’s presidential election held Sunday. “I offer my heartfelt support for Ukrainians seeking truth during this critical period for […]

Fifth Anniversary of the Formation of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group Tile 1x2

Ukraine’s Presidential Election: The Turning Point?

Nov 16, 2004

This briefing examined the pre-election conditions in Ukraine ahead of the country’s presidential election run-off set for November 21. The contest, pitting democratic opposition leader Victor Yushchenko against Prime Minister Victor Yanukovych in a November 21 run-off, represented a potential turning point for Ukraine. The OSCE Election Observation Mission, with more than 600 international observers, […]

Press Releases

Ukraine Presidential Election Focus of Helsinki Comm...

Nov 10, 2004

Washington – The United States Helsinki Commission will hold a briefing to examine the pre-election conditions in Ukraine ahead of the country’s presidential election run-off set for November 21. Ukraine’s Presidential Election: The Turning Point? Tuesday, November 16, 2004 10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon 2255 Rayburn House Office Building Former U.S. Rep. Jim Slattery, member […]

Flag of Belarus 368x331

Helsinki Commission Staff Observe Farcical Belarus E...

Nov 09, 2004

By Orest S. Deychakiwsky and Ronald J. McNamara CSCE Staff On October 17, Belarus held fundamentally flawed parliamentary elections and a referendum allowing Belarusian dictator Aleksandr Lukashenka unlimited terms as president.  Lukashenka’s current “term” expires in 2006.  The rigged referendum certainly did nothing to legitimize Lukashenka’s now ten-year repressive rule.  Likewise, the new National Assembly […]

Press Releases

Helsinki Commission Leaders Alarmed at French Studen...

Nov 02, 2004

Washington – United States Helsinki Commissioners today expressed alarm over the expulsion by French school officials of students because of their refusal to remove their religious apparel, a move which violates France’s commitment to protect freedom of religion and speech under the 1975 Helsinki Accords. Enforcing new regulations in France banning “obvious” religious apparel in […]

Press Releases

Helsinki Commission Leaders Commend Romania’s ...

Oct 22, 2004

Washington– United States Helsinki Commission leaders lauded Romania’s first Holocaust Remembrance Day on October 12, 2004.  President Ion Iliescu presided over  a  ceremony marking the event  in the Romanian Parliament.  The ceremony — attended by national religious leaders, Holocaust survivors and Romanian schoolchildren — attempted to bring national attention to Romania’s wartime complicity for the […]

Press Releases

President Bush Signs Belarus Democracy Act on Heels ...

Oct 21, 2004

Washington – President George W. Bush signed the Belarus Democracy Act into law Wednesday, stating, “At a time when freedom is advancing around the world, Aleksandr Lukashenka and his government are turning Belarus into a regime of repression in the heart of Europe, its government isolated from its neighbors and its people isolated from each […]

Flag of Azerbaijan 1500x770

Azerbaijan’s Presidential Elections

Oct 15, 2004

On October 15, 2003, Azerbaijan held presidential elections. According to the official results, Ilham Aliev defeated seven challengers, winning over 76 percent of the vote. His closest challenger was Isa Gambar, leader of the opposition Musavat Party, with 14 percent. The OSCE observation mission announced on October 16 that the election failed to meet international […]

Press Releases

Members Urge Aggressive Investigation of Murdered Fo...

Oct 14, 2004

Washington – Eleven Members of the United States Helsinki Commission are calling on Russia’s President Vladimir Putin to do everything in his power to ensure that authorities aggressively investigate the July 9 murder of Paul Khlebnikov, chief editor of the Forbes Russia magazine. An American journalist of Russian descent, Khlebnikov was shot multiple times by […]

Press Releases

Europe’s Largest Human Rights Meeting Concludes

Oct 14, 2004

Washington – At the conclusion today of Europe’s largest annual human rights meeting,  United States Helsinki Commission Chairman Rep. Christopher H. Smith (R-NJ) welcomed the declaration of human rights advocates from 16 countries countering criticism by several former Soviet states of the OSCE’s human rights work. On July 3, 2004, nine OSCE countries – Armenia, […]