Canada, a parliamentary democracy with a population numbering some 38 million, maintains a global economy supported by exports of natural resources and strong ties with Britain and the Commonwealth, as well as strong cultural, diplomatic, and economic relationship with Europe.

As one of the 35 original signatory states to the Helsinki Final Act in 1975 and a prominent participant in OSCE negotiations, Canada has been actively involved in the OSCE’s activities since its inception.  Canada sees the work of the OSCE as closely aligned with its national foreign policy priorities, which it lists as “providing support to human rights and fundamental freedoms; assisting fragile states and regions; supporting democracy building and the rule of law; pursuing gender and diversity mainstreaming; and strengthening regional capacities in conflict prevention, sustainable development, and good governance.” The Canadian parliament actively engages in the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly on these issues and others, to include for instance a strong focus on the Arctic region. Canada provides significant financial support to the OSCE, providing the 6th-largest national contribution to the organization.  Canada also has played an agenda-setting role, including by serving as the Chair of the OSCE Security Committee for 2022.

Staff Contact: Alex Tiersky, senior policy advisor

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