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Commissioners: 107th Congress



U.S. Senate

Chairman: Ben Nighthorse Campbell (Colorado)

Sam Brownback (Kansas)

Kay Baily Hutchison (Texas)

Gordon H. Smith (Oregon)

George V. Voinovich (Ohio)

Hilary Rodham Clinton (New York)

Christopher J. Dodd (Connecticut)

Russell D. Feingold (Wisconsin)

Bob Graham (Florida)


U.S. House of Representatives

Co-Chairman: Christopher H. Smith (New Jersey)

Robert B. Aderholt (Alabama)

Joseph R. Pitts (Pennsylvania)

Zach Wamp (Tennessee)

Frank R. Wolf (Virginia)

Benjamin L. Cardin (Maryland)

Alcee L. Hastings (Florida)

Steny H. Hoyer (Maryland)

Louise McIntosh Slaughter (New York)


Executive Branch Commissioners

Lorne W. Craner (Department of State)

Jack Dyer Crouch II (Department of Defense)

William Henry Lash III (Department of Commerce)