Commission Staff

Members of the U.S. Helsinki Commission are supported by a small professional staff with in-depth regional and policy expertise.



  Name Title
Alex T. Johnson Chief of Staff
Kyle Parker Senior Senate Staff Representative
Mark Toner State Department Senior Advisor
Shannon Simrell
Representative of the Helsinki Commission
to the U.S. Mission to the OSCE
Stacy Hope, Communications Director Stacy L. Hope Director of Communications
Director of Global Partnerships, Policy, and Innovation
Erika Schlager Erika B. Schlager Counsel for International Law
Bob Hand
Senior Policy Advisor
Janice Helwig Janice Helwig Senior Policy Advisor
Nathaniel Hurd
Senior Policy Advisor
Everett Price, Policy Advisor Everett Price Senior Policy Advisor
Danica Starks Senior Policy Advisor
Senior Policy Advisor
Nida Ansari Policy Advisor
Rachel Bauman Policy Advisor
Paul Massaro
Policy Advisor
Jordan Warlick Policy Advisor
Policy Advisor
Jean-Francois Hernandez Staff Associate