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Helsinki Commission leadership, members, and initiatives are frequently featured in both the U.S. and foreign press.

Clear Filters

Activists Say Baku's Crackdown On Media, Rights Workers Continues

European Union Asks U.S. to Take in More Syrian Refugees

U.S. Bill Seeks Sanctions On Azerbaijani Officials For 'Appalling' Rights Record

At Hearing, Stronger Global Response Urged for Europe's Refugee Crisis

Bill Proposes Applying Sanctions to Corruption

Parliamentary Diplomacy

The Tyranny You Haven't Heard Of

U.S. Congressman Pledges to Push for ICC Indictment of Belarusian President Lukashenka

Our Impact by Country

Smith: U.S. Must End Its Denial of Armenian Genocide

Sens. Ben Cardin & Rob Portman: Ukraine Violence Continues

U.S. Commission Denounces France's Roma Evictions

Opening a Second Front

US House Marks Anniversary of Srebrenica 'Genocide'

Lawmakers Dive into Sensitive China, Russia Issues

Iraqis Face Threat

The Risk and Rewards in Afghanistan's Resources

Russia: U.S. Congressmen Propose Sanctions in Lawyer’s Death

American Consumers

U.S. Congress Committee Calls for More Action on Property Restitution

OSCE Official Concerned By Russia's Suspension Of CFE Treaty

European Games Open In Azerbaijan Amid Rights Concerns

Bill Proposes applying sanctions to corruption

Putting the Bad Guys on Ice

Hastings Outraged by Merciless Attack on Belarus’ Young Front Leader Zmitser Fedaruk

It's Time to Hold the Azerbaijan Regime Accountable

Putin Opponent Near Death in Suspected Poisoning

U.S. Senator: Strong Hand Needed To Deal With Putin, Islamic State

I Was Locked Up and Tortured by Putin’s Spooks

Congress Asking Right Questions on Central Asia

Fox Business: Sen. Wicker on Turkey

US Lawmakers Back Protection for Europe’s Jewish Communities

Central Asia Becomes New Target for ISIS Recruiters

It’s Time for the United States to Act on Azerbaijan

U.S. Lawmakers Push Visa Sanctions in Russian Case

US Lawmakers Told of ‘Dishonourable Silence’ over Acts of Collusion in Troubles

Helsinki Commission Chairman blasts Turkey for Denial of 1915 Events