Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe

Testimony :: Survivor of child trafficking in Amsterdam, Netherlands


          At the age of 14, I ran away from home, due to the trauma of my parents divorcing and the misery that I had encountered at school and at home. I took the train with the destination Amsterdam, thinking that I would find a job and create a life. Upon arrival at the Central Station, I was approached by a man who offered me a place to stay. The following morning, I awoke without any clothes on and there naked photos of me. I asked him what he was going to do with those photos. He said that he would send them to my parents, if I didn’t do what he wanted. He told me about the brothels where young boys worked.

          I was then brought the same day to a bar and was introduced to a man, who had a brothel for young boys. I was afraid to say no, as I was very young and innocent. The owner of the brothel forced me to work in this boys brothel, where more young minors worked. They were all under age minors, between the age of 14-18, from various parts of Europe. All of the clients that came to this brothel were pedophiles. All the boys working there were given drugs and alcohol. After a while this was the daily routine, of sex, drugs and alcohol.

          In addition, we are rented out for escort service to private clients and parties. The same person who ran the brother also made child pornography films. I performed in three of those movies. I also knew people who made snuff movies. I was offered vast sums of money to perform in one of these movies, but refused, due to the fact that at the end of these movies the actor is killed.

          As escort, I worked for the same brothel owner and worked out of a bar called the Festival Bar, where I met Professor van Roon. Professor van Roon was the man who introduced me to Joris Demmink. We were sitting at a table and he said that I needed to go outside to meet Joris Demmink in his car. Joris wanted anal sex with me, and I refused. I did have oral sex with him. The second time that we met, he wanted me to go with him to his home in Den Haag, Riouwstraat 13. I didn’t want to go with him, as we were forbidden to leave the city of Amsterdam by our pimp.

          In 1998, there was a large investigation into a pedophile network in Amsterdam and Den Haag. I was approached by several police investigation units to help with the investigation. I became the key witness of the investigation and was offered police protection. During that time, I told of my entire period in Amsterdam in the child pornography and child sex business.

          This investigation was called the Rolodex and Professor van Roon was a key suspect in this investigation. He had a rolodex (card file) where various high ranking Dutch officials were his clients and friends. I accompanied Professor van Roon on trips to Poland, but I don’t know what he was doing there. Perhaps he was looking for boys for his clients. He was a broker in children for pedophiles in his network.

          After my period in Amsterdam, I lived in various places in the Netherlands. I also lived in Den Haag, where an attempt to kill me was made. I was shot at 3 times. After that, I went underground and tried to hide, as the Rolodex investigation was killed and never pursued. In addition, I was asked to cooperate in a Dutch TV news show investigating Demmink and high ranking pedophiles, that show was never aired.

          Throughout my time in the child sex industry and after, I have been abused, rejected, raped, shot at, lied to, and treated as dirt. My life has been ruined, I have had to undergo long term psychological treatment including very strong anti depression medication. My relationship with my own children and wife has suffered intensely.

I would like to ask the following:

  • Help bring Demmink to justice and his entire network of influential pedophiles.

  • Those who abused me and many others like myself should be brought to court and punished if found guilty.

  • Bring back the rule of law in the Netherlands.

  • Please help protect my identity because I still fear for my life, I know too much about who are the pedophiles.

Thank you for your time.