Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe

Testimony :: Hon. Benjamin L. Cardin
Chairman - Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe


I would like to welcome you all to this important hearing on the political impasse in Moldova. In our Commission’s 33 years of existence, this is the first full hearing on Moldova’s domestic political situation.

This fact, however, should not cause anyone to conclude that Moldova is not important to this Commission or to the United States. Moldova’s geographic position between historic empires and modern alliances has been both a curse and a blessing.

Wars have been fought and atrocities committed on your soil, but Moldova’s unique location offers tremendous promise to securing the hope of a Europe whole and free. Mr. Prime Minister, we watched the political events of 2009 in your country with great interest.

Elections were held, twice, and Europe’s only ruling Communist party left power. Your country is still struggling to find a durable consensus in the aftermath of these events, but that is what democracy is all about – the constant struggle to govern fairly and openly.

I commend you and your fellow citizens on the great progress already achieved and I look forward to hearing your views on the future of Moldova and U.S.-Moldova relations.

Mr. Prime Minister, welcome to the United States Congress, we are honored by your presence and look forward to your testimony.