December 10, 2007 - University of Maryland, College Park

Official Transcript:


Name Title Affiliation
Hon. Alcee L. Hastings Chairman Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe
Hon. Benjamin L. Cardin Co-Chairman Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe
Ms. Devon Chaffee Associate Attorney Human Rights First
Mr. Thomas C. Hilde Research Professor School of Public Policy, University of Maryland
Dr. Christian Davenport Professor of Political Science University of Maryland
Mr. Malcolm Nance Director Special Readiness Services International
* Material submitted for the record *    


Prevention of Torture


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The panel of the Commission hearing on the Armenian Genocide: Van Z. Krikorian (L), Taner Akçam, Kenneth V. Hachikian (C), Karine Shnorhokian, and Elizabeth H. Prodromou (R). (April 2015)