October 5, 2012 -

Mr. Chairman, members of Congress. Congressional staff members

I want to thank you for your kind invitation to be here today to explain my findings in a very delicate matter.

My name is Klaas Langendoen, I'm 57 years old and as legal adviser by profession.

Since 1998, I have my own company Langendoen Advisory Services.

Prior to this, I had various jobs within the police in Netherlands, specialised in the major cases against organised crime. I was Head of the Department of Criminal Intelligence.

Approximately 9 years ago, I was approached by the law firm Bakker Schut and Adele vd.Plas, who asked me to carry out an independent, objective investigation in the case of their client Huseyin Baybasin.

The investigation had to go examine alleged manipulation of wiretaps, by the Dutch Government, which in the criminal case against Baybasin were used, as well as possible blackmail by the Turkish Government of members of the Dutch Justice department, in Netherlands.

At the start of my independent objective research, I wondered whether the theory of the law firm was not a “nonsense” fairy tale story.I assumed that this level of corruption could never occur in my country, where I've worked so hard for in the fight against crime. I set up my research based upon the premise that the theory was false. Namely the wire taps were not manipulated and Baybasin was guilty. I have tried to prove this. This method is called the reversed burden of proof. If there is no proof for the falsity of the proposition, then the theory is correct!!

The research that I did in The Netherlands proved to me that it was possible to manipulate wiretaps allowing innocent people to be found guilty. I completed my research in the Netherlands with the result that a number of scientific experts were studying the results produced. Eventually, the Dutch Justice Dept. hired a so-called expert who was not qualified to carry out the research and came with his own conclusion. The result was that this expert gave a wrong assessment upon which Baybasin was sentenced to life in prison. After the sentencing, I continued my research, at the request of the law firm, Bakker Schut. I did not limit my research to the Netherlands but did extensive research in Turkey. I have spoken with almost all the witnesses in this case, both individuals and various government officials. I documented my thoroughly by both video-and audio-tapes testimony, so that they could be used as evidence later.

The results of my research were shocking, for me. By speaking with many witnesses, a conspiracy became clear against Baybasin, the victim. There was a "set-up" or “cover-up” between Turkish and Dutch government officials at the absolute highest levels. The witnesses confirmed what the law firm, kept telling me.

The picture what I this got was the following: a high level Dutch Justice official during visits to Turkey,requested that young boys be brought to him in order to have sex with them. This was verified and recorded by the secret intelligence service of Turkey. A high ranking intelligence service officer gave me a copy of a Turkish report that explained the story of the Dutch Justice Official who had minors (boys) brought to his hotel room for sex, and the blackmail that was carried out against him and the Netherlands by the Turkish authorities. I finished my reports with the purpose of giving this to the Dutch Government so it could be used to carry out a criminal investigation.

We sought to have an "independent" Commission created to study this case and bring out all the facts. That Committee was provided with all available information. The Commission also tried to research the manipulated wiretaps and investigate them. The result was that the wiretaps were found to be more than likely manipulated. However, the research that was provided was rejected as it was found to not scientific or convincing. This research was never carried out, and thus the truth was never revealed. At the moment that a decision was made by the Commission to travel to Turkey to interview the witnesses again, the justice dept. intervened again, and blocked this from happening. This research has therefore never taken place, and the truth never revealed.

Mevr.vd.Plas filed a police report on behalf of two Turkish victims, with the aim that a criminal investigation would be started into the conduct of the high Dutch Justice official, Mr Joris Demmink.

These type of investigations in Netherlands, are carried out by the National Investigation Unit.

This National Investigation Unit (FBI) falls directly under the College of Prosecutors, who meet regularly with Mr. Demmink, as he is the Secretary General of the Justice Dept.

All available information were made available by Mevr.vd.Plas and myself at the State criminal investigation unit. We have even had one of the Turkish victims travel to the Netherlands to make a statement. In addition, we also had an important witness come from Turkey to the Netherlands to speak to the National Intelligence Unit. The result was, as the leader of this National recherche research told us, that “there will be no criminal investigation”. The National Intelligence Unit had confined itself to a so-called “facts collection” and had no authority to do a proper investigation. Again a missed opportunity to fully investigate the allegations in Turkey, and take testimony from the important witnesses did not happen.

The past year I have done extensive researched regarding more possible child abuse victims of high police/justice officials in Netherlands. From this research it is being crystal clear to me that there is and has been abuse of minors by high police/justice officials and that all efforts to criminally investigate and prosecute these cases have been blocked and covered up. During my investigation, I came in contact with one of the victims, who is here today, and he will tell his story.

After serious reflection, I have come to the conclusion that the Dutch Government does not want to and will not investigate this very sensitive issue of manipulating wiretaps under which someone is wrongfully serving a life sentence and the abuse of young boys by the highest civil service of the Justice Dept.

It is also my conclusion that, after many many years of research by myself, the claim of the law firm Bakker Schut and vd.Plas is correct. Their client was framed, and several of her other clients were abused by Justice Dept. Secretary General Joris Demmink, when they were a minor.

My confidence that the Dutch Government will ever carry out a fair independent investigation in these 2 issues is completely gone. I hope that you can help us in resolving this matter through a diplomatic or more severe methods, in this very sensitive issue.

What I would like to ask this Commission is three fold:

  • State Dept. should remove the Tier 1 Status of the Netherlands

  • Pressure the Turkish authorities to release the travel dates of Demmink during the 1990s. This will resolve the matter once and for all.

  • Pressure the Turkish authorities to release the video made of Demmink raping one of the Turkish boys.

Perhaps these three things will lead to the start of a return to a judicial system based upon rule of law.

Thank you for your attention.

Klaas Langendoen

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